AND VIOLET is a double winner at Arizona International Film Festival 2017,  winning Best Dramatic Feature as well as a Special Jury Award for Best Performance for Hana MacKenzie.  

AND VIOLET - a coming of age drama about the interwoven and unravelling lives of teenage daughter Violet, her adoptive Mum and her birth Mum.

When Violet and her adoptive mum Cathy visit a small Scottish town one summer, they unexpectedly run into Violet's estranged birth-mum Zoe. The mothers clash, and Violet struggles to navigate this complicated relationship. Cathy struggles to help her, as she becomes increasingly confused and angry.
The meeting also triggers something in Zoe, and she decides to change the direction of her life, returning to Edinburgh. It’s the city where Violet lives, but it’s also a city that holds dark memories of a  difficult past.
Violet and Zoe connect again and begin an illicit online communication, but Cathy finds out and brings all contact to an abrupt end. Violet rebels against her and as Zoe self-destructively spirals out of control, Cathy has to urgently try to find a way back in to Violet's life.

AND VIOLET is the debut feature film from writer director PAUL GRAY.

It also marks a debut starring role for HANA MACKENZIE as the troubled teenager Violet.

Hana heads up a fine cast featuring KIRSTY STRAIN  (birth mum Zoe), SHONAGH PRICE (Violet’s adoptive Mum), IAN DUNN (adoptive Dad), as well as DAVE HOOK (Solareye from Stanley Odd), LIZ STRANGE,  MATTHEW ZAJAC, PATRICK O”BRIEN, JAMIE MELROSE, TOMMY MULLINS and DALE MCQUEEN.

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